Ariana’s Beauty Routine

Morning Routine

I have always been slightly obsessed with trying new skincare, gadgets and makeup. As a teenager I was the first to pluck my eyebrows (what a regret!!) and always had a queue of friends most evenings in my school dorm asking for my plucking services that I’d acquired from my older sister Halima. Though I’ve made many beauty errors and definitely have some silly regrets, I feel like I have tried more gadgets and products than most so wanted to share some of my favourites with you and why they have made the list.

So getting ready for work for me is more of a big deal than probably most jobs out there as we all know being on camera shows up every line, hair and pimple!! Its almost like having to get wedding ready every day that your in, and especially since Covid where we’ve all had to do our own hair and makeup – these are the things I like to do to first prep my skin to receive the makeup in the morning!

1 . Cleanse with a balm, I have tried so many but always come back to Frances Prescott Cleansing Balm. If you had to travel with only one thing this would be it as it leaves your skin toned and moisturised afterwards and removes every last bit of dirt, grime and makeup so easily with a warm microfiber cloth (I use the lovely soft and fluffy leopard print ones, a new one everyday from the Vintage Cosmetic Company.

2. I have never been one for toners, and have enjoyed a rosewater and witch-hazel spritzer before, but have recently added the Japanfusion hydra prep toner from Beauty Pie to my daily routine. Its tones and leaves skin really plump and  moisturised – but also mattifies your skin.

3. Then I‘ll use a few drops of serum, I have the entire Beauty Pie range but will usually use their Triple Hyaluronic Acid Serum, mixed with a few drops of the Vitamin C or Niacinamide drops with it. I’ll then do my one minute FOREO Bear mini micro-current device. If I have loads of time I might do my FOREO UFO 2 LED Mask which is amazing and only takes 90seconds but does the job of a 20minute LED mask session, and you can either use their gorgeous Korean serum mask pads or just use it over your own serums to help them go deeper and get maximum benefits.

4. I might then use a light moisturiser or my favourite Dr Sebagh Vitamin C Primer, which does the job of a moisturiser, mattifier and make up base in one.

5. I get super dry lips especially in the winter so slather on a load of City Lips Plumping Gloss anytime they get dry but as a base for lipstick I’ll do at this point, then let sink in.

6. My face is well ready for makeup now, having said that on a non-work day, my only two steps after cleansing would be to use my amazing 5 minute routine with my FaceGym Multi-Sculpt tool and face oil, followed finally by Jones Road Miracle Balm in tawny to give my face a bit of colour.


Night time Routine

My first 3 steps are the same as the morning, but then I use my FaceGym Multi-Sculpt tool if I’ve not done it in the morning, followed by my top two fave’s for night time skin replenishing: Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Night Cream (I actually think it does contain magic) and they do refills now which costs you less plus is much better than throwing away all that lovely packaging into landfill! It is super thick and a bit greasy but I love the weird smell and it leaves your skin baby soft and plump and SO hydrated come the morning, worth every penny, and it does cost SEVERAL!!

I never use eye creams in the morning or ever have really until I discovered NIOD fractional eye contour concentrate drops, which have SERIOUSLY softened my under-eye wrinkles, bags and dark circles. Again not cheap but you only need a drop or two under each eye so it  lasts all year.

Ariana x


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