Greg’s Perfect Christmas Gifts… for Him!



Here’s a little run down of my ideal (bordering on idealistic 😬) gift wish list for Christmas. Hopefully it might help you find the perfect gift for the man / men in your life.



I’m absolutely loving this moisturiser as I have really fair skin, so it was super useful in the summer as it has SPF30 and I’m constantly forgetting to put on sunscreen.


Roll back some years and some late nights with this ‘Age Defender’ Eye Repair. Great for anyone who has young kids!


With winter rolling in fast, dry skin sufferers will thank you if you get them this in their stocking this holiday:



I’ve started running a lot more recently and with the weather turning wetter my current trainers don’t stand up to the rain and have seen better days. I’ve had my eye on these Nike Pegasus Trail 3‘s for a while because they are made of gore-tex so they’re as watertight as a duck’s bum…and they look decent too!


…and who doesn’t need a new pair of Chucks down the chimney.


I’m always on the look out for new cap’s and this retro logo Patagonia comes with the added bonus of helping out the planet too. Taken from Selfridge’s Project Earth range, this cap’s brim is made out of 100% recycled fishing nets!




The ultimate kitchen gadget for the cook who wants to get to the next level has to be a sous vide cooker and this one from Sous Vide Supreme is definitely guaranteed to put the Marco Pierre White in your Monday night meals.




For those wanting to dip a toe in (not something I would recommend doing with a sous vide cooker!) there is this more affordable version which I’m more likely to get and to be honest…looks a lot easier to store.


Like many others in lockdown, I started getting into a bit of bread making and I have to admit…I love it. So, if anyone you know has been bitten by the baking bug, interested or just feeling a little kneady (sorry), here’s a perfect starter kit.




These look really clever. I desperately need some new earbuds for running and these Nura noise-cancelling Nuratrue‘s with a 24 battery life look just the ticket not only for great personalised sound but a little piece and quiet as well 😉.


I’m looking to upgrade my DSLR camera situation, but I’m unlikely to find anyone who agrees!! Admittedly, this is a cheeky one for any list for Santa, but the Canon EOS 850D ticks all the boxes for upping your photography / videography setup with 4k video, 24 MegaPixels, WiFi, Bluetooth and an 18-55mm kit lens.





Every golfer needs a good rangefinder (or potentially a ball-finder) and this one from Nikon boasts an 800 yard range for the longest of those pesky par 5’s.


I like golf shoes that look like golf shoes, not trainers and these Callaway’s are right up my fairway.




It’s said that golf is a good walked ruined, so if golf doesn’t do it for you can always stick to the walk. I love a good hike and good boots are essential. I have heard nothing but good things about these from Vivobarefoot


…and just incase you get a little lost, this Garmin eTrex 10, handheld GPS should get you back to basecamp (or back from the pub)


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