Steeps OneShot – the best cure for your health

We are so impressed with this product we thought we would write about it. The lovely people at Steeps One Shot are on to a winner here. They have created a fiery blend of raw, organic ingredients steeped in Apple Cider Vinegar to help cure health issues including acid reflux, skin conditions like Psoriasis and immune system and gut health.

Take a shot every morning for a daily detox throughout the year – great to combat the excess of a night out too. This is a purely natural wellness product that targets acid reflux, restoring and maintaining gut health, ensuring you won’t need to reach for the Gaviscon. The natural anti-inflammatory properties help your immune system keep nasty bugs at bay too – its basically colonic therapy without a pipe up your bottom!  In addition, there are skin benefits for issues like Psoriasis and Eczema as the fermented nature of the Apple Cider Vinegar, an active ingredient in Steeps One Shot, has been proven to actively reduce the likelihood of skin conditions in adults.

There are three flavours to choose from – the mildest is Citrus followed by Honey and the Original has a real kick – not for the faint hearted but perfect as a salad dressing or when you need to add something with a kick.

There are some fab gift boxes – there’s a Bloody Mary kit – The Hangover Special  – just add vodka for a dose of Good v Bad Behaviour:

The Steeps OneShot Hangover Special

and we love this detox kit The Gut Fix which will help get you through a difficult patch and restore your gut to  optimum health in a purely natural way.

Steeps OneShot The January Gutfix

Both options are perfect for friends and family who generally tend to overdo it!

For those who prefer tea – they also now do tea bags in packs of 25 which are made from the by-product of the filtration process so are stuffed full of goodness.  Just add hot water. Optional addition of either honey / lemon or both

Steeps OneShot teabags

Check out the Steeps website to learn more ( the reviews are strong) and use code FINN15 for 15% off.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Greg and Ariana x


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